Partial tent Magnum 400 incl. CarbonX poles

4 656.12 BYN

  • width 400 cm
  • depth 250 cm
  • Material: Isacryl 295 g/qm + Isaroof 285 g/qm
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The Magnum impresses with its fast, uncomplicated assembly and great flexibility. All front and side panels can be removed/folded down and with two mosquito net side panels you have a wealth of ventilation options.
The ‘Isacryl’ fabric used for the front and side walls is light, robust but above all breathable, which together with the textile underside in the roof (coated from the outside) ensures a pleasant room climate.
A special connection system ensures a good finish to the caravan. The Magnum is equipped as standard with the Collage Grey curtain set, veranda pole, wind screen, wheel arch cover, screw-free FixOn fittings, tent bag, pole and herring bag as well as a herring remover.